How to Conduct Social Media Marketing Through Facebook App

If you are looking for ways to maximize your social media marketing, then venturing into a Facebook app (software application) campaign will take you to the success ladder.

Facebook app provides you with all the popular avenues to tap your target market, and encourage them to buy your product/service right there and then. Facebook’s budding online community, the current software applications for sale, as well as available online payment gateway are the perfect opportunities for you to catch your target market efficiently.

What are the specific ways to conduct social media marketing through Facebook App? Launching a Promo tab, Menu tab, and Subscribe tab in your Facebook Fan page can help you start a compelling ad campaign for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Here’s a brief discussion of each method mentioned above:

Launch a Promo tab. Ask your software application developer to create a promotions tab at the top portion of your Facebook fan page. This tab (once tapped/clicked) will showcase the current discounts/deals that your business have. You will have to add an email subscription pre-requisite before they can access the discount voucher so you get instant lead in seconds. Provide sufficient information about the discount/deal and show your phone number so customers can readily call for inquiry. This will help keep the phone ringing and your email receiving inquiries.

Create a Menu tab. If you are an owner of a restaurant, this will work best for you. Showcase your featured dishes or delicacies once the customer clicks/taps on the menu tab. Include essential information such as food description and price. Provide ready “buy” button and payment option so you can start receiving orders in real time. If your business is into fashion and leisure, you may prefer a “Shop” tab where customers can freely browse your featured items/travel deals. You can also customize the tab further depending on how you want to showcase your product/service.

Highlight the Subscribe tab. If your website is already mobile-friendly and has some social media features also, then focusing on the Subsribe tab on your Facebook page might be your need for now. You can integrate the key mobile and social media features from your website into your Facebook (FB) fan page. Then, emphasize your Suscribe tab to boost the lead generation and conversion efforts of your marketing team. This should be integrated in your post or any advertisement (ad) campaign that you will be having on your FB fan page. The subscribe notification should pop once the user clicks/taps on the ad or it can be included in the ad itself.

The Promo tab, Menu tab, and the Subscribe tab are just some ways to add software applications on your Facebook fan page. These Facebook apps should help reach your overall marketing campaign and boost sales conversions. This means you have to carefully plan what type of FB app you will be creating, and how it can effectively persuade your target market to make a purchase right there on the fan page. This may require you to integrate online payment gateway such as Paypal or others to fully equip your Facebook social media marketing campaign.

To help you with your Facebook app plans, you may contact our Social Media Marketing Expert at 1510.936.8878 (US) or 632.846.6845 (PH).


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